Fastest Way to Heal a Cold Sore

In the first part of this article, What Gets Rid of Cold Sores, we talked about how to prevent cold sores from spreading, and how to relieve the pain of your cold sore. Now we’ll get down to healing your cold sore in the fastest way possible.

There are many different products you can use to try to get rid of your cold sore quickly, including prescription medications, over the counter topical medicines, and a huge variety of natural remedies.

One of the trickiest parts of deciding which products and methods to use is that no matter which way you go, many people swear that that particular product or home remedy works best for them. Since everyone has their own opinion and experiences trying to heal their cold sores, how do you know who to trust?

To help you decide on the best option for you, I’ll talk about a few of the popular options for fast cold sore healing, with the pros and cons of each.

Before we get to those, though, I just wanted to quickly mention that if you’ve tried a lot of the traditional treatments and medications for your cold sores but they keep coming back, I’d really recommend you check out this guide called Cold Sore Free Forever. I’ll talk more about it later in this article, but it worked wonders for me! OK, on to the traditional treatments.

Prescription Medications

For many people, topical prescriptions like acyclovir or pencyclovir, or oral antivirals like acyclovir, valacyclovir, or famcyclovir, are effective at healing cold sores quickly. They can typically shorten the duration of cold sores and relieve some of the discomfort.

Although they can be very effective, the main drawback to prescription medication is cost and inconvenience. Since getting a prescription for these medicines requires a visit to the doctor and a trip to the pharmacy, the cost can really add up if your insurance coverage isn’t great. You also have to take time out of your day to go to the doctor’s appointment and pick up the prescription, and if your cold sore flares up on the weekend, it could be days before you can get in to the doctor to get the prescription written.

Over the Counter Medicines

If you’ve suffered from cold sores for a while, you’ve probably heard of Abreva. It’s pretty much the only over the counter topical medicine that’s specifically designed to treat cold sores. The nice things about it are that you can pick it up at many pharmacies and other stores without needing a prescription, and that you can get it on the weekend or other times that prescription medicines aren’t convenient. It’s also relatively inexpensive.

Besides Abreva, some people swear by other topical medicines that aren’t specifically designed for cold sores, like Carmex, Campho phenique, even Aloe Vera or Hydrogen Peroxide. Although I can’t speak to the effectiveness of these other treatments, if you’re desperate and have them around the house, it might be worth a try.

Personally, I’ve tried Abreva a few times and haven’t had much success with it. I’m not sure why it didn’t work for me, as I started applying it as soon as I felt the cold sore coming on, but for whatever reason it just didn’t work.

Natural Remedies

Many people have natural home remedies they use to try to heal cold sores faster. I’ve spent a bunch of time searching online for suggestions, and have found so many that I created an article dedicated just to this topic, called How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Naturally.

The Best Method I’ve Tried

Cold Sore Free ForeverThis last recommendation comes out of left field, but out of everything I’ve tried, it helped me more than anything else, and has kept me free of cold sores for well over a year now. It’s a guide called Cold Sore Free Forever. It was written by a guy named Derek Shepton, who suffered with terrible cold sores like you and me.

It’s a guide that you can download immediately, and it contains an all-natural system for curing cold sores in just a few days and keeping them away for good (like I said, mine haven’t come back yet)! I was pretty surprised when I finally bought it, because I expected a lot of the same advice that you can find online for free, and the kind of stuff I’ve listed in this article. However, Derek’s cure is totally different, and contains advice and ingredients for a cold sore cure that I still haven’t seen anywhere, in tons of research.

Even though buying a natural guide instead of using the traditional over the counter or prescription medications seemed kind of crazy at first, I was shocked at how quickly Derek’s system worked. Plus, the amount of money I’ve saved on traditional medications and doctor visits, not to mention the pain and embarrassment I’ve avoided, have made it well worth it. I highly recommend you check it out now!


Cold Sore Treatments That Work Fast – A Recommendation

When you’ve got a cold sore, the only thing you can think about is finding cold sore treatments that work fast. Besides being painful, the embarrassment of having it out there for everyone to see makes life pretty terrible while you’ve got one. And if you get them frequently like I used to, they can be a huge problem in your life.

One of the toughest things with fighting cold sores is even knowing where to start. There’s a ton of advice out there, and many prescription, over the counter, and even natural treatments out there. But picking one to rely on can be kind of overwhelming, especially when you’re desperate to get rid of that cold sore quickly!

Having suffered from cold sores most of my life, going all the way back to childhood, I tried everything to cure them quickly and keep them away. I’ve had a prescription for acyclovir (worked OK), tried Abreva (didn’t work for me at all), taken Lysine (pretty hit or miss) and tried many of the natural remedies people swear by, all to no avail.

Cold Sore Free Forever RemedyFINALLY, after countless hours of research online, I decided to try a guide I’d seen talked about in forums and in advice groups, called Cold Sore Free Forever. I’ll admit that the name set off some alarm bells for me since I know there’s currently no way to get rid of the herpes virus for good. I figured it was some kind of a scam, but I thought, “Well, it’s got a 60-day refund policy, so what do I have to lose?” Almost two years later, I am SO glad I decided to give it a try! I’ve been cold sore free ever since.

Since you’re probably wondering what the author of this book could possibly reveal that’s so helpful compared to other treatments, I’ll give you a bit of a spoiler without giving too much away. The power of this guide is that it teaches you easy changes you can make to your diet that will kill cold sores’ ability to live and thrive in your system, and will even cure a cold sore you have now within just a few days. It seems too good to be true, but the science behind it really does work.

Having gone from getting cold sores multiple times a year to not having had one since I got this program nearly two years ago, I can promise you that it’s well worth getting and trying. Compared to how much medicines cost, and how horrible dealing with cold sores is, the price of One Minute Herpes Cure is incredibly cheap!

As I mentioned before, it’s got a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can always get it and try it out- if it doesn’t work for you, no problem, you just get your money back. Since it’s a downloadable guide there’s not even anything to ship back.

If you dread the thought of getting another cold sore or are desperate to find a cold sore treatment that works fast, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out Cold Sore Free Forever now. I promise, you won’t regret it.


Cold Sore Free Forever – Review

Cold Sore Free Forever ReviewIn your search for solutions to your cold sore outbreaks, you’ve probably read a lot of information on how to get rid of cold sores that may or may not have worked. You will discover just as I did that Cold Sore Free Forever is by far one of the best cold sore cure resources, which is why I recommend it to cold sore sufferers who frequently come to me for advice. 

There are many cold sore medications available to treat a cold sore once it has developed, but if you’re not working toward preventing cold sores from developing in the first place, your cold sores will come back again and again. Recurring cold sore outbreaks will likely cause you to purchase expensive cold sore medications to treat them, rather than preventing an outbreak all together. That’s where Cold Sore Free Forever is different.

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How Do You Get Rid of a Cold Sore Quickly

If you have cold sores and you’re anything like me, then you need to find out how do you get rid of a cold sore quickly so that you can get rid of the pain as well as the discomfort that comes with it.  Not to mention the embarrassment of other people seeing them!  There’s nothing worse that worrying about your cold sores being the only thing people see when they look at you because the sores are on your mouth and lips. You get tired of getting stares.

Luckily there are things that you can do to get them under control naturally and quickly. The cold sores are susceptible to infections and spreading, so it is crucial that they are kept clean at all times. This will minimize the risk of infection and one of the best ways is to clean them using soap that is anti bacterial, hot water and a cloth that is clean and soft. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly and gentle, to prevent further distress to the cold sores.

There are many treatments that can be used, from over the counter medicines to prescription medicines. However, petroleum jelly has also been proven to be an effective treatment for cold sores. While the virus will be in your body forever, the petroleum jelly can prevent outbreaks and ensure that the area remains clean. When applied to the cold sores the jelly ensures that the area is kept free of dirty particles as well as germs that can cause an infection. The petroleum jelly acts as a shield that is effective in making sure that healing time is not extended from more infections or complications. The important fact to remember is that the cold sores have to be thoroughly cleaned before this is applied, to ensure that dirt and other things are not trapped inside the cold sores.

When the cold sore is exposed to hot temperatures, it is possible to get infected quite easily. To answer the question of how do you get rid of a cold sore quickly, you have to put some ice on the sold sores. The virus does not thrive in the cold, and therefore will not want to be exposed to it. This is good news for you, because it means when you put ice on your cold sores their size may be reduced and it will prevent further outbreak.

Another effective treatment is using alcohol on the area that is affected. Because the sore is open a bit, this may sting you a little, but the germs will be prevented from becoming active. For those who do not want to use the alcohol because you fear the stinging sensation, they have the option of using aloe vera. Not just any kind of aloe vera, but the freshest one that you can find. In its purest form, you have to get it from the plant if you can, as it is extremely effective.

These are just some remedies for dealing with a cold sore effectively and quickly. Bear in mind that other treatments will work better for you than others and those are the ones that you should be focusing on. Bottom line, there are things you can do to help you get rid of a cold sore quickly. If you’re looking for additional information on how to cure your cold sores, I recommend Cold Sore Free Forever, as the tips and tricks it covers helped me discover how to get rid of my cold sores permanently. There is no reason live with the embarrassment of these uncomfortable sores!


Cold Sore Remedies That Work

When it comes to researching cold sore remedies that work, there’s a lot of information out there online. I should know- I’ve spent years reading, cataloguing and testing people’s suggestions, from doctors to naturopaths to grandmas with home remedies they’ve developed over the years.

In general, cold sore remedies fall into three broad categories: prescription treatments, over the counter medications, and natural remedies. I’ll dive into each category of treatment and discuss which methods within each have been shown to work well, either for me or for many other people.

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